Give It Up For Success!

In order to be successful there are basic thoughts and behaviors that must be discarded.  A set of ideas that are detrimental to growth.

Giving these up will be a step toward gains.

  1. You must give up feeling that you are alone.
    Even in this large and amazing community we are capable of isolating ourselves in thoughts that we fear to share. We are afraid that if found out, our peers will change their opinions of us. The reality is that we are ALL harboring insecurities and being reminded of others humanity allows us to remember our own.
  2. You must give up the idea of perfection.
    “The desire for perfection kills success.”
    You are human. Being human is the antithesis of being perfect.
    Focusing on completion instead of perfection will set you free!
  3. You must give up your excuses.
    We often mistake excuses for reasons. You may have a reason for not eating healthy but you are not excused from eating healthy.  These little “excuses” creep into our lives and sabotage our plan for success. We begin to use our excuses to define our circumstances in life, “I can’t because…” We use them as blankets to make us feel better for not working hard.
    In order to give them up we must identify them. This is a place where we must be brutally honest with our selves. We must rip off the band aides of excuses.
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