The CFStC Story

I was never an athlete. I didn’t play sports. Didn’t have the resources but mostly lacked the confidence.

When I started working out it was in  group exercise classes. Step aerobics, kickboxing, etc. . I realized that I loved movement. Not just moving myself but thinking about movement nurtured by my background as a nurse. 

I found myself bouncing back and forth between the group exercise room and the free weights at my local globo gym. I earned Kickboxing and Private Training Certifications.

I was still bored to tears and still unable to squat properly.

While searching for more fitness inspiration on the internet I stumbled upon CrossFit. It was vastly different than anything I’d ever done. The website was full of information, videos and the Journal. It was such an exciting time. I’d read that thing for hours before getting the courage to do one of the workouts.

After taking the plunge, I couldn’t wait to introduce my friends to the methodology. I quickly realized that I enjoyed teaching people about it as much as I enjoyed doing it! I was experiencing how much movement was changing my life. I learned that exercise could be done in a social and encouraging environment. I could learn the names of and celebrate the people around me and not just hide in a corner with my dumbbells. I learned that I could actually help people reap the same benefits that I experienced.

I wanted to share this new way of life with EVERYONE! It was exciting, fun and life changing. I could do things I never thought and fast forward 14 years, I am helping and watching others do the same. 

A lot has changed since then. Programming trends coming, going, coming back. I like to think I am smarter about movement and exercise because I’ve continued to educate myself. 

What hasn’t changed is the desire to help. Caring, honesty and support. It’s the CFStC way.


ps-I learned how to squat!

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