The Goose that Lays the Golden Egg!

From the pen of guest writer John Harder

Who can relate to Veruca? I know that I want muscles and I WANT THEM NOW! Sadly though, just like everything else in life building strength takes time. In the age we live in we’ve become accustom to having everything now. Fast food, high speed internet, instant downloads, etc. We’ve subconsciously trained our brains to believe that absolutely everything is immediate.  I’ve even seen ads for machines that supposedly get your body fit while you sit on the couch. Everything should be “easy” and available “now”. Our bodies, however, are here to remind us that the good stuff that you want to last will take a little more of an investment. When I think about the work that needs to be put in to see the results that we want I think of the farmer. They prep the soil, they plant the seed, they tend to it as the crops grow, they constantly are removing anything that is keeping them from seeing the best yield. When you rush something that needs time and tending to, you may see some results, but they will hardly be the results that are the best possible outcome or, more often than not, lasting. If a watched pot never boils could it be said that a watched muscle never grows? If you find yourself in a place where you are feeling impatient about the results you’re looking for I would suggest starting to count your victories. All of them. Even the small ones. It’s more important to celebrate the things we are doing than beating ourselves up for what we aren’t seeing. Be patient and enjoy the process!

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