The most common movements in the CrossFit Open you should be focusing on now.

For the elite few the CrossFit Open and subsequently, Regional and ultimately the Games is an opportunity to test their skill and fitness level against the best athletes in the world. For the rest of us it is the chance to test our progress, assess our goals and set new ones.

A look at the most common movements in the Open past allows us to have a quick look at where we are now. There are 7 movements that are all but guaranteed to be in this years Open.

For the seasoned athlete, have a look at this list and finish this sentence “I really dread______”

That is the movement you need to be spending some time on now.

For the beginning athlete, during a time when everything is new, this list will allow you to focus on the most common things you’ll see.

While a few movements are further down on the list, they certainly should not be ignored.

Rowing for calories can be destructive if it is not approached strategy and efficiency.

Handstand push ups come with a standard that is sometimes difficult to master and should be practiced prior to Friday NIght LIghts.

Might as well toss some handstand walks in there just in case! CrossFit loves its gymnasty!

DumbBells have made a comeback in CrossFit. In the mid 2000’s you could find all kinds of dumbbell wods on the CF main site. They deserve a spot at the Open and even more in out training.

For the next 3 weeks Coach Paul will have GOAT training at the Saturday at 9a class.

Come on in and make your goat your G.O.A.T!

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