BJ really likes rowing
BJ really likes rowing



“It Takes Two” (Teams of 2)
2 rounds of 2 min at each station of:
2:00 Air Squats
One Partner holds the bottom of a squat
2:00 Deadlifts, 185/135
One Partner holds a second BB in the hang position
2:00 Hand Release Pushups
One Partner holds a handstand
2:00 Toes to Bar
One Partner hangs from pull-up bar
-Partner choose how to split reps
-A partner must be in the static hold for the other to accumulate reps.
-Score is Max Reps


Festivus Games Oct 17th! Hosted by yours truly at CFSTC!
2nd Annual CFSTC Halloween Party! Friday Oct, 30
Check out Whats for Dinner

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