Thursday-Level Up Training

Every 3 minutes for 3 sets
10 Back Squat, across
(aim to go slightly heavier than 5/24)

5 rounds for time:
6 Wallballs, 30/20
5 Medball Sit ups
4 Deadlifts, 185/135

EMOM x 9 minute
Min 1: 5 Barbell Hip Thrust (Heavy)
Min 2: 5 Box Jump, 30/24
Min 3: 5 Pistol (each leg)

Daily Midline
Accumulate the following:
30 Second Hanging L-Sit hold
30 Second Paralette L-Sit hold
1 minute Straddle L-Sit hold (floor)

The 1 minute Straddle L-sit hold is done sitting on the floor.
Widen legs as wide as able, place hands on floor in between legs.
Lift heels as far off ground as able. Bring feet closer together to scale.

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