Trainer Tip: Levers For Better Pull Ups

We talk about Arch To Hollow Swings a lot in class.  The Arch To Hollow Swing is the foundation of all kipping movment on the pull up bar or rings. Whenever someone has issues stringing together their Toes To Bar, they’re usually missing a sound Arch To Hollow Swing.

Arch To Hollow Swings are very dynamic Straight Arm Pulls. The swing is initiated by the shoulders, but is intensified by activating the rest of your body to create a more powerful swing. A Lever is a straight arm pull that is NOT dynamic. This is demoed first in the video. This video in intended to demo the strength that will allow more power and consistency in your pull up and other pull up bar movements!

To complete a successful lever, it is important to note that the shoulders work in unison with the rest of your body. You can see that as I press down on the bar, I lean back. Engaging my abdomen and keeping the legs in a straight line.  Then as controlled as possible, come back to a neutral start.

If this is a struggle for you (its pretty hard), scale this with a band! Attach it to the pull up bar and focus on keeping the elbow strong, rib cage compressed, and legs tone.

Once this is figured out. You can start to apply it to your Arch to Hollow Swings, Kipping Pull ups (Chest to Bar & Butterfly), Toes to Bar, & Bar Muscle ups!

Build your foundation, then continue to improve it! If you never stop attacking the basics, you will never stop improving!


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