A big congratulations to our CrossFit St. Charles May Athlete of the Month, Julie Gunnels! From her inspirational work ethic, to her contagious smile, CFSTC is lucky to have you!

1. So how did you find CrossFit, and how did you find us at CFSTC? 
When I moved to STL, I was going to Gold’s because that’s what I did in LA. My motivation was severely suffering because of the difference in the gym here vs. there, so I found myself not going which is totally against my nature. I didn’t want to hire a trainer at Gold’s here because none of them seemed good enough based on my observations.  I googled and googled and finally decided to do CrossFit, even though I was freaked out by it. I knew I would get my butt kicked and have people yelling at me, but that’s what I needed to progress. I googled local CrossFit gyms and picked CFSTC because of Ingrid’s arms 🙂 Truth.  I was used to seeing that type of body in LA, which to me signified fitness and hard work. I was right-our coaches kick our butts, yell at us, make us better, and are all badasses!
2. Can you tell us one of your favorite moments at CFSTC? If you have more than one, do tell! 
This is a tough question. Every day I walk through the door I know I will either get stronger, faster, better, or have a mental learning day. Plus, I get to be surrounded by a community of people who really love each other and work together. I love cheering on our people and being cheered on..I love the stank of the gym and the sounds of the barbells. CFSTC is constant, and consistently a community of supportive sweaty beasts that make me better, make me laugh, and make me feel loved. It’s not just a workout-our gym has made me learn and grow in so many ways. I love our parties the most; when people have had a drink or two and cut loose. Hard to choose between Ingrid “skating” on her 4-wheeled skates, Anthony pooping his pants on front squats, Ben’s what not to do demo movements, and Patty’s perversions..well, everyone’s perversions.
3. Tell us something we might not already know about Julie? 
So much-I’m the listener type but have lots of tidbits hidden away 🙂  I once snuck on Kevin Costner’s tour bus with my bestie at the time, ironically a guy I dated who was a race car driver was on the bus too already. Somewhat awkward. Kevin wasn’t phased by us being on the bus, he sat and chatted with us for probably 30 minutes.
I learned Muay Thai from a former UFC fighter, which was how I got into shape for the silly bodybuilding comp.
I was on the Beverly Hills Housewives. I grew up in a town of 80 people. However that happens…
It’s possible I have peed outside more than inside having grown up in the sticks.
I drove from LA to Atlanta once by myself in a truck and trailer. Non-stop, no sleep. No drugs. Took 44 hours, but well worth it to meet one of my closest friends in Atlanta to go to the SEC tourney and an NBA game.
4. What would be the Julie Gunnels motto.? 
Do the work. No excuses, put your head down, focus, and do the work. You only have today.
5. Its feeling an awful lot like spring & summer, any fun plans coming up in the future? Can we come too? 
My next big travel adventure is Bali!  It’s my best friend’s 30th birthday, and she decided to go there. We have a 24 hour layover near Hong Kong too which will be amazing. I also am wanting to get to Iceland at the end of summer. And yes, you can come too!! Nothing would make me happier. Start saving your stripper $1’s!
I took the summer off school which has been fun so far. It’s nice to have a normal schedule and meet people, but mostly not be rushed at CFSTC!


Strength I

Every 2 minutes for 5 sets:
Front Squat:
4 @80%
3 @85%
2 @87.5%
2 @92.5%
1 @97.5%
*Take % from 2RM Front Squat

Strength II
3 sets for quality:
8 Barbell Reverse Lunges (Back), 50% 1RM BS
4 RDL, @75% 1RM DL

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Box News
SAMinar coming May 14th! Learn from Games Athlete, Sam Dancer!
Click here for info on the St. Chuck Ruck on May 15th! Gonna be a blast!
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