Congratulations to our December Athlete of the Month, Connor!
Congratulations to our December Athlete of the Month, Connor!


1. How long have you been with CrossFit St. Charles? 
 I’m pretty sure I’ve been with CFSTC for a little under a year now…maybe 9 months?  One thing i do remember is my intro class with Ingrid…not sure how I could ever forget that. I took a look at the benchmark WOD and thought I was going to destroy it…and was subsequently destroyed by it. I remember taking the row out at a 1:24/500m pace, pretty sure Ingrid didn’t say slow down, but instead told everyone else to ‘come see whats happening’.  Got off the rower and immediately knew I done messed up…went up for pull-ups and my arms didn’t work.  I wish i had taken a screenshot of Ingrids’ notes from the workout, pretty sure it said ‘ Got off the rower at 1:31,  ring rows because arms didn’t work’  Pretty great first impression of CF if you ask me 🙂
2. Favorite part about CrossFit, go! 
CrossFit has surprised me in many ways honestly.  I went in looking for a different training style, ‘cardio’ (whatever the hell that is) , and maybe some basic olympic lifting competency. I quickly found all of those things but also discovered a great new group of friends, a squad of coaches who I know want to see me get better, and best of all a community of people who all support one another.  Cliche answer to say people, but i’m consistently amazed at the sense of community at our gym.
3. What is your favorite  WOD?
 If there was a workout that was rowing for calories then wall-balls…we’d have to name it Ogre Friendly or something. I love rowing workouts, so I’m definitely looking forward to the 2000m for time WOD to come back around 🙂
4. Least Favorite WOD?
There are few things that frustrate me more than slow internet…one of them is heavy overhead squats. The workout we did the other day with rowing and overhead squats was a soul crusher for sure. If it would have been something like OHS and dubs…I may have pulled a kool-aid man and smashed through the wall onto the parking lot in a fit of frustration 🙂
5. What is your favorite movement to work on?
 Olympic weightlifting has become a pretty big obsession for me.  The speed, power, violence, and control needed to execute those movements well is like a drug…and the coaches are never in short supply. Snatch is currently my favorite movement, mostly because I’ve forgotten how to clean, and getting those few extra Kg’s overhead each workout is an awesome way to see progress.
6.  Your favorite song comes on during a WOD, what is it?

I’m a big fan of the nights we get to hear some old school rap. One day in Glovers class we listened to E-40 radio…I don’t think that CF has ever been more hyphie (google it Kim)  Really it doesn’t take much to get me dancing in class, I’m not sure that I can match the great Alan Bess, but I’ve been known to hit a quan or two. Also, we should start a fund to get the gym a couple subwoofers and maybe a disco ball…and a fog machine. Dan, we can talk about blueprints and timelines next time I see you.
7. The new year is already almost here. Do you have any goals to share for the months ahead?
 Resolutions haven’t ever really been a big thing for me, but this next year holds a ton of new and exciting adventures.  I’d like to keep growing my hair out to make Cole jealous, get on the cover of a magazine like Dan Baker, somehow help my twin win survivor ( I hear this every day…literally every day) and overall try to keep getting better at being an adult (if you’ve got any tips, i’m taking suggestions)

4 x 200m Sprint
4 x 100m Sprint
4 x 50m

Rest 90 seconds after each 200
Rest 60 seconds after each 100
Rest 30 seconds after each 50

Record fastest times to Train Heroic


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