Anne attacking 16.1!
Anne attacking 16.1!

CrossFit St. Charles Open Intramural Update! The first week is over and the next workout will be announced tomorrow!

Here is the current leaderboard:
1st Place: Bunz & Gunz -29 points
2nd Place: Flexual Healing – 24 points
3rd & 4th Place Tie: Hakuna Masquata & Team KISMA – 21 points

Here is how we are scoring again:

  • 1 point is awarded for every member of the team who participates in an Open workout.
  • 3 points are awarded for every team member who scores top 3 for men and top 3 women in the gym.
  • 2 points for top 3 male scaled/ masters and top 3 female scaled/ masters
  • 5 points to the team who wins “The Spirit of the Open” each week. Last year we gathered with other gyms in the area and participated in a Community Open Throw-down. We’re doing it again this year, and the team who has the most people show up at these events, makes the most noise, and show the most support will be awarded these points.

Congratulations to the top performers!

Top 3 Rx Males:
1. Paul Cegon
2. Ben Stroud
3. Anthony Menichino

Top 3 Rx Females:
1. Ingrid Hurley
2. Sarah Floyd
3. Ashley Harrison

Top 3 S/M Males:
1. Tim McAllister
2. Tyler McBrayer
3. Rickie Mui

Top 3 S/M Females
1. Taylor Bennett
2. Marilyn Smashey
3. Jenn Elfrink


10-8-6-4-2 reps of increasing weight
Weighted Push Up

For time:
Wallball, 30/20

Post loads and times to Train Heroic 

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Want to help us this Open season and
become a judge? Go here! 
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