Coach Cole killing it out of his element!
Coach Cole killing it out of his element on 16.1!

16.2 is done! And I think we all have a new enemy in T2B. Make friends with your enemys though! I loved these two Open workouts so far. Very good at showing weaknesses in my own fitness that I’m excited to work on!

Important stuff now, Open Intramural Update!

1. Bunz & Gunz = 55
2. Hakuna Masquata = 49
3. Flexual Healing = 47
4. Team KISMA = 44

This weeks Spirit of the Open goes to…. HAKUNA MASQUATA!
We also had to award extra points for Tim McAllister‘s performance in that wig. 2 extra points to his team for that spirit!!

And a big congrats to this weeks top performers!
Male Rx
1. Benjamin Stroud
2. Cole Goddard
3. Paul Cegon

Female Rx
1. Ingrid Hurley
2. Sarah Tormala Floyd
3. Ashley Harrison

Male S/M
1. Alan Bess
2. Kyle Pick
3. Landon Brown

Female S/M
1. Marilyn Anne
2. Jenn Hogan
3. Elisabeth Julia Brown

*Quick note guys, SUBMIT YOUR SCORES!*
There were a few this time.
I will award points for completing the workout, but if you place top 3 and don’t submit your score I cannot award those points to you. Gotta play the whole game!

On to 16.3! Be ready guys, just a gut feeling but I feel Muscle ups will be in this one or the next. GET THAT PRACTICE IN.


Partners in Crime (Teams of 2) 

Complete as many rounds & reps possible in 20 minutes:
1000m row
100 Air Squats
100 Sit ups
100 Kettlebell Swing (R), 55/35

*Partner choose how to split reps*

Post total reps completed to Train Heroic


Box News
Want to help us this Open season and
become a judge? Go here! 
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