Alright, alright, alright!! We have some Open Intramural Updates! 16.3 was fantastic, a huge congratulations to Ashley Harrison, Connor Horstman & Chris Glover on achieving their first bar muscle up! I was lucky enough to witness them and HOT DAMN it was awesome.

Current Leaderboard after 3 events:
1. Bunz & Gunz = 84
2. Flexual Healing = 75
3. Hakuna Masquata = 70
4. Team KISMA = 64

This weeks Spirit of the Open Award goes to…Flexual Healing! They had the numbers and style this past Sunday! Good job guys!

A special congrats to this weeks top performers!

Male Rx:
1. Benjamin Stroud
2. Anthony Menichino
3. Kyle Kellis

Female Rx:
1. Sarah Tormala Floyd
2. Ingrid Hurley
3. Teah Bliven

Male Scaled/ Masters
1. Kyle Pick
2. Russell Caplin
3. Landon Brown

Female Scaled/ Masters
1. Heather Hyatt Kreinbring
2. Marilyn Anne
3. Taylor Bennett

I’m personally stumped on these next two workouts, we need to be ready for the unknown and the unknowable! Keep this fun going for 16.4!!!

*Reminder to ENTER ALL SCORES! For points to count towards the top 3, you must enter them*

Mean Sammich 

Run 400m, then
21-15-9 reps for time:
Deadlift, 135/95
Rope Climbs
Then, Sprint 200m

Post times to Train Heroic 


Box News
Bring A Friend Day is this Thursday! All day, all classes!
Open Workout 16.4 will be hosted at our house Sunday the 20th at 12:00pm!
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