With 14.3 in the books its a good time for a little reflection. The Open WODS can at first glance be somewhat daunting. For newer athletes the skills required can be nerve racking and for stronger athletes the light weights can be frustrating. Everyone wants to do well and give everything they’ve got. I’m very proud of our members who signed up for the Open and presented themselves to be tested. This shows a commitment to the experience and a willingness to learn their weaknesses. It shows bravery.
Four years ago, there was no Open. The first leg to the Crossfit Games began with Sectionals. It was held locally and anyone could sign up. These were gladiator battles in an arena. Head to head competition where athletes could see the “enemy”. It was truly epic. There was no second chance, no redo’s. I kinda miss it!
But, I love what the Open does for us now. It brings us together as a global community. Are you all aware that you  did the same workout at Rich Froning and Sam Briggs?
It also brings out the heart of the competitor. You don’t have to be Froning and Briggs level to give your best effort. The Open is about being in competition with yourself. At this level no one really cares how you compare to someone else, we only care about compare to your own expectations. The amazing thing is, sometimes you exceed those expectations. Maybe you got a string of double unders that you never got before. Maybe you walked in thinking you don’t stand a chance with chest to bar pull ups but you finished the WOD with 3 C2B in the books! Lastly, The Open gives new meaning to your training. It allows you to set new goals, and that is probably the best gift of all.
We are cheering for all our athletes at CFStC and in our Greater St. Louis community. Only a few win the competition but everyone gains for having participated.

Practice Handstand holds and HSPU

EMOM 10 mins

ODD: Push press 3@75%
EVEN: Handstand Holds

4 Rounds
400m Run
15 Push Ups
25 Sit ups

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