What do you GET to do today?

We often talk about gratitude. How being grateful will help us lead happier lives. I practice gratitude every day. Some days more than others but the awareness is always there.
At the top of my list are…
I am grateful for my family, they are wonderful, supportive and bring me joy.
I am grateful for CFSTC and its members. You all make me smile and give me purpose. I rarely have a day of work.
These are things/people/circumstances that I have in my life but what about the things that I do.
So often our thoughts are about what we “have to do”. The reality is, we don’t HAVE to do anything.  We GET to do everything.
We don’t HAVE to go to work. We Get to go to work because we have a job or the capacity to do work.
We don’t HAVE to clean our homes, we GET to because we have a roof over our heads.
We don’t have to do laundry, we GET to because we have clothes on our backs.
We don’t HAVE to work out, we GET to because we have access to gyms, coaches, safe parks and neighborhoods to walk in.
We don’t HAVE eat healthy, we GET to because we have easy access to food and water.

Consider your day, be thoughtful about what is around you.
Challenge yourself to change your internal dialogue from what you have to do, to what you get to do.

You may find that you are far more blessed than you realized.

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