What YOU Need Now

Well, you’ve been hunkered down for a while now. Your life has probably been rocked, if not turned all the way upside down. Things have been wild and unorganized at our house as we adjust to just doing life in such closer quarters and with no real schedule anymore.

I’m kind of tired of not getting actually dressed, or not setting an alarm. The novelty is wearing off, and I’m starting to feel edgy and a little annoyed. Do you feel me?

I think this is the right time to evaluate our shelter in place needs. After a safe and healthy home, what do we need?

Nutrition: Highly nutritious foods. We need fruits, vegetables, and protein regularly and often. What we eat GREATLY affects how we feel and function and now, more than ever, feel and function are important things to tend to. Under stress humans crave super palatable foods, survival tells us to go for high calories foods so we can keep on living. Those are okay options in small quantities but mismanaging those items over long periods of time leads to problems. Resist the urge to lean too far into those cravings and make sure to care for your body by eating well.

Activity: Movement through exercise and play. Moving our bodies is essential to our wellbeing! Some days a 5k or a 20 min AMRAP is what we need and others it’s to slow down and try some peaceful YOGA. But Movement is ALWAYS a good idea. Our at-home WODS are not random, they’re designed with CFSTC in mind! Keep after them, set your intentions by signing up for class and keep that date with yourself!

Sleep: Rest is so important! As athletes we know it’s super important for recovery, but it’s equally important for stress management and your immune system. If you don’t sleep enough at night, your body boosts its levels of stress hormones. Brain chemicals connected with deep sleep are the same ones that tell the body to stop the production of stress hormones. As a result, when you don’t sleep well, your body keeps pumping out those hormones. The next day, you feel more stressed, the following night you find it harder to fall asleep, and so on… Ick.

Mental Breaks: Taking some time to recharge mentally. This can be hard to do when you’re stuck in one place. Here are a few ideas: Workout alone. We LOVE to see you working out with your family in your garage, but maybe if you’re around them all the time, working out alone would be recharging. Take a long bath, a walk, go for a drive, find a guided meditation that works for you. OR FLOAT! Coach Sarah owns Serenity Now Float Spa and the services she offers there are perfectly designed to make sure they have a mental break. Social distancing is already practiced there and it’s squeaky clean.

Connect: Stay connected! Introvert or extrovert, it’s hard when the number of people you see face to face has been drastically reduced. Luckily in 2020, there are so many options to help you stay connected. Social media is obvious but we’re also loving the apps: Zoom, and Marco Polo. We’ve heard members are hosting Facetime Happy Hours! Your coaches are also making extra efforts to reach out to you regularly! Reply! Talk to us about your bright spots and what maybe is not going so well. Ask for help if you need scales or modifications!

This list might not stack the same for all of us. BUT we do know for sure that eating well and moving often make all the difference in how we feel and function.

Also, those are the things we coach, that’s OUR expertise, so if you need help laying those first two foundational pieces.

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