What’s Next

We’re on to week 5! You’ve been so adaptable, and your progress is still forward moving! We’re so proud!

Thanks for trusting us during this unpredictable and unprecedented journey. You’ve taken fitness outside our four walls and it’s been big and exciting.

 Our next step is to tell you how we plan to bring us back home. We are always looking onto the next rep/step, so, we’ve got a plan!

First, online coaching continues for now. The safety and health of you all is of upmost importance, so for now we’ll be pressing forward as we have been.

We’ve tested and found that we can continue Personal Training in the gym safely! Some members have taken advantage of this in the form of one or two sessions a week to help jump start their days of At Home Fitness. They are having fantastic gains while getting to work on skills with the equipment they love and coaches they need and miss most. Right now, we can offer 4 more spots to our members! Please click on the button below to set up your sessions!

Our goal is to get you all back in our home away from home as soon as possible! When we get back to the box things will be different for a bit. We’ll have some new class times, we’ll have limits on class sizes, and we’ll have a 45-minute class time allowing a 30-minute cleaning break between classes. We’ll ask that you all don’t hangout and socialize like we’ve loved seeing you do in the past. But we’ll bring that part back ASAP, obviously.

Then shortly after, we’ll move onto business as usual. That’s when you can expect another change to class times and class attendance limits.

Finally, we’re so happy about how these At Home WODs are working out for some of you, we’ll be offering a Flex membership options. This membership will give you the option to have a hybrid membership of both At Home and At the Gym training.

While everything that’s happened has turned us all on our heads, we’re thankful for the chance to learn new and creative ways to continue to bring you the BEST training in St. Charles.

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