What’s Stopping You #2

So what’s really keeping you from achieving your goals?

Our second guess is:

You don’t think you deserve it.

This could be thought of as self-sabotage. We’ve all heard, “you are your own worse enemy”.

Many of the long-standing beliefs humans hold are instilled by parents, environments, or sadly… traumatic experiences. The brain long ago accepted as fact that, “this is the way it is”. Or maybe has told you “It HAS to be this way”. If you have a long-held belief that is clashing with one of your current goals, then your first order of business is to remove that roadblock.

No amount of will power or strategy can overcome a fixed mindset. You are an adult and you are responsible for your own life.

You have the power to change any condition that you don’t want!
Believing you can change and take steps toward your goal is hard but the very best first step!!

Sometimes as we’re working on changing longstanding beliefs, it’s hard to keep focused alone. It’s hard to see ourselves as worthy and keep that worthiness within focus. During those times it’s vital to ask for help. Help from a friend, a partner, a coach.

Connect often with people who believe the best IN you, expect the best FROM you, and want the BEST for you!

If you’re reading this blog, people like that are within reach! At CrossFit St. Charles you’ll find coaches and comrades who are here for you. Here to remind you of your goals and how YOU DESERVE to reach them!

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