Why you should compete

We’ve just gotten through Festivus and if you talked to any of our athletes about their experience you ‘ll know that they’ve been pretty pumped up about it.
I happen to know that a few of those athletes were very anxious heading into that big day. They were walking into an unknown situation wondering if they were prepared enough, if they were good enough. They were and they were! They did things they’ve never done and excelled in places unexpected. On top of that, they had fun!

Competition is an important part of our training. It gives us purpose in what we do. It demands attention and thoughtfulness on the “why” of our actions. It makes setting and reaching goals realistic and effective.

Moving into the spring, there are lots of opportunities to compete.
Both individual and partner competitions will be popping up all around us. Ask one your coaches what local competition may be the right fit for you.

Take a chance on yourself, grab a friend and put yourself to the test. Find out what you can really do.



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