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  • It is giving me a new confidence in my body!

    So thankful for this opportunity and for the coaches that show up to help me get better. Not just physically, but mentally as well. My mind has changed, no...

    Jeanne H.

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  • I got my lungs back!

    “Six months, no smoking. Six months of CrossFit. I feel like I got my lungs back…”...


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  • Actually, I can!

    "I've been coming a long time now. Kim's been working with me to challenge my weaknesses and turn them into strengths"...

    Jayne-Adaptive Athlete

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  • A family with a shared passion

    From the moment I stepped in I was embraced by a family, led by coaching skill to be and achieve my personal best, and encouraged by all to be my strongest...

    Heather R.

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  • Crossfit St.Charles Community is one of a kind

    The Crossfit community has amazing gyms around the world and CFSC is a great example of just that. The investment of continued training and true desire to ...

    Mike T

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A 5 Star Gym







5 Health Metrics That Are More Important Than Weight

American’s have chosen the scale as their favorite way to track progress around their health. People derive their sense of self-worth based on the number facing up at them from between their feet. If you’re someone who draws any sort of emotional reaction, positive or negative, from the scale then you may want to self ...

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Tips For A Balanced Lower Body

After an intense workout of front squats or thrusters, you may have felt that burning pumped up sensation in your quads. Your pants are tighter and you can no longer put your phone and keys in your front pocket for fear of getting them stuck.  The quadriceps and hip flexor muscles on the front of ...

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Wendy H!

I lost 17lbs which I am super happy with! I gained so much more! I feel healthy, strong and confident in myself. I gained a knowledge of what I should be eating without the feeling of “being on a diet”.  It feels natural to eat healthily. I still really enjoy carrot cake cupcake with cream ...

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Is your 2020 fitness goal to compete? OR Are you looking for something to keep you focused on your goals as you roll into the new year? On April 18th, 2020 we are hosting Festivus Games! What is Festivus? It’s a worldwide Functional Fitness competition for beginners and intermediate competitors. Sorry, no “Fire-Breathers” allowed. Want ...

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