Bring it in

The thing about short term challenges, 30 days paleo, 30 days sugar free, the whole 30- once they’re over, so are your results. – Here we’re committed to long term results. No crazy restrictions, no excessive exercising. – We’ve got balanced nutrition and regular training. – Bring it in, come see us, we’ve got answers …

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Get a Grip!

Having opposable thumbs is divine. It allows us to grip. Its part of what makes us human and special. We pick up our kids, carry groceries, open jars and hang on for dear life. Among athletics, we lift weights, throw balls, and grip bats, clubs, and rackets. Anything we do that requires holding something is …

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Offering the Chalk

Shortly after Opening CrossFit St. Charles in 2008, I saw this youtube video of a 3 year old girl on a play ground about to swing through some monkey bars. Little Girl: I’m gonna stick it! Dad: Ok, let’s go LG: (falls off monkey bar) Dad: What happened? Needs some chalk? LG: Jumps up and …

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CrossFit St. Charles Open Banquet

We had an amazing time at our CFStC Open Awards Banquet. It’s always great to get out of the gym and appreciate Val and Ryan Barr for hosting. The food was amazing and the awards were epic. I’m looking forward to the next Open in the fall of this year!

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Happy Mothers Day!

Fruits and Vegetables

Festivus Games Recap

Festivus Recap WOW what a day! Congratulations to our home grown competitors Josh and Michelle, Jamie and Anne, Jason and Rebecca,Chris and Shelby, Dave and Suzanne, Nikki and Chris, Val and Tim(Puma), Kris and Sara (who took 3rd in Novice!) We are all so proud of all of you. Your training and tenacity showed and …

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Eat This Not That!

Easy food swaps to keep you fit. Is there anything like a piping hot slice of pizza sliding out of the oven? How about a heaping mountain of nachos in front of you during the game or a tall stack of pancakes for weekend brunch? As you look to improve your diet you may have …

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Energy Systems Exploration

As a living, breathing, blog reading individual you’ve probably learned the basics around how food provides the body with energy. There are actually several different ways that this can occur and they depend on the activity being performed. Depending on our sport or activity, nutrition, genetics, and level of training will each play a role …

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Speed Is a Skill

Here is how to master it… Depending on your sport the importance of speed could be a defining characteristic of your success. Naturally track and cross country athletes want to run fast, but speed can help in almost all team and individual sports where strength and conditioning comes into play. Whether you’re a running back …

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