Thursday-Level Up Training


3 rounds for quality:
:30 Handstand Hand Pick Ups (Facing Wall)
:30 Handstand Hand Pick ups (Facing Away)
10 Burpee Pull Up
10 Plate Squat

Build to a max 3 position Clean + 1 Split Jerk
10 min cap

Strength I
Every 2 minutes for 5 sets
4 Push Press, heavy
1 Rope Climb

You may climb in weight or stay the same.

5 min transition

Strength II
Every 2 minutes for 5 sets
4 Deadlift, heavy
1 Rope Climb

Daily Midline
3 sets: 1 minute work, 30 sec rest
Partner Plank Fist Bumps

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Wednesday-Level Up Training

*Wednesday is our Level Up Training Active Rest Day. Ideally you find fitness outside of the gym, on a hike, bike ride, jog, swim, or yoga class. Make sure you fit in this day along with one full rest day in your training schedule.*

Active Recovery Maintenance Work

  1. Utilize lacrosse balls and foam rolling to speed up recovery
  2. Spend 20 minutes working on flexibility. Focus on areas you are tight.
    2 Upper body mobility drills for 4 minutes each (2 min per extremity)
    2 Lower Body Mobility for 4 minutes each (2 min per extremity)
    1 Of your choice for 2-4 minutes
    2 Upper:
    -Chest Stretch on wall (2 min per arm)
    -Banded Lat stretch (2 min per arm)
    2 Lower:
    -Pigeon Stretch (2 min per leg)
    -Couch Stretch (2 min per leg)
    1 Freebee:
    -Straddle Stretch (2 min total in stretch)
    *Each stretch can be found with a Google search*
  3. Spend some time mentally resetting. Meditation, family time, some good laughs, whatever brings you back to a calm mind

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