Last minute gift ideas for a CrossFitter.


Want some quick ideas for that CrossFit junkie in your life. Or maybe a little “treat yo’ self”?

Here are a few of my Faves that you can get by Christmas (as of 12/18)

  1. Fish oil
    If you have to ask then follow this link.… It is the single best gift you can give for anyone’s health. You can find a bottle or two at CrossFit St. Charles $49

  2. Supportive Gear
    Weight Belt. For the newer crossfitter. There always seems to be plenty of belts around but only a few that are really liked. Popular for the strong girls in the gym  ($19)
    Nice belt for the Dudes ($55)

    Wrist Wraps– No real Rocket Science here. Just find the ones you like Try these from Amazon Prime  $12

    Knee Sleeves-Help keeping those knees warm and supported. These are my personal favorites. Most sleeves are sold in singles. By two to make a pair. $40 each

  3. Jump Rope– Nothing is better than having your own rope sized just for you. We have a few low cost speed ropes ($15)at the gym or you could order
    Amazon Prime-This looks like a great rope for learning Double unders. A little heavier than the speed ropes we carry and adjustable without cutting the rope (no mistakes!) $14

  4. Gift Certificate to Serenity Now Float Spa-The ultimate in relaxation. Float your Holiday stress away. Click here for online gift certificates. pricing varies.

  5. Hand Grips– Natural Grips which we sell in the gym seem to have the most usefulness. Based on taping techniques used by gymnasts and multiple sizes, these grips are inexpensive, effective and last but ultimately break down. $20

    For a more long term solution, you can try Jaw Pull up Grips $30

  6. Foam Roller– No household should be without one. Seriously, this is basic. We have them at the gym $25

  7. Blender Bottles– Quite often these are used for shaking up the post workout protein shake. Quite often it doesn’t get clean right away or its left in the gym and long forgotten. A CrossFitter could always use a blender bottle. You get get them just about anywhere except at our gym!

  8. Rock Gaurds-This is a super sweet gift. Rock Guards protect innocent shins from boxes, ropes and barbells. In three sizes base on calf measurements. $54 ( I would take a medium if anyone was interested!)

  9. Yoga– Every Sunday at 11a with our favorite instructor Meghan Horstman. Between the awesome mobility and Hortman family entertainment, there is NO better value! $7 Call 636.362.3700 for gift certificates.


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