Merry Christmas!

IMG_0020In 2006 I found CrossFit. It was quite by accident. I was looking online for foot drills for my oldest daughters soccer team, found CrossFit Kids and then CrossFit. I was absolutely blown away. At the time I was a personal trainer and kickboxing instructor. I subscribed to women fitness magazines trying to find that one magic work out. I had invested in personal trainers (honestly, the best money I ever spent on myself) who had different ideas about what it means to get fit. I had good trainers, their ideas were solid. While not working with a trainer I bounced between the aerobic room and the weight room. I was happiest and fittest when I was focused and having fun and least happy when I’d show up to the gym with no plan.
I look back on that time and realize what I had. In the aerobic room it was conditioning and  community. We were a bunch of women that loved to kickbox. We worked hard and laughed after. Occasionally we’d end up out for dancing and drinks.
In the weight room I had a personal trainer who had a plan for me everyday. My first trainer was a body builder who taught me about anatomy. As a nurse I knew where and what the latissimus dorsi are, as an athlete client I was taught how to use them. I felt that everyone of the trainers I had cared for me and they made me strong.

When I found CrossFit, I would spend hours on the website watching the instructional videos, reading the Journal, learning as much as I possible could. The concepts in movement were very different than what I had previously learned. I did the WODs in my local gym by myself. I was quickly hooked.
In March 2008 I became level 1 certified. Going to a Level one cert was a life changing experience. I had to travel to Texas to attend. I knew no one at that course except for the CF celebrities that I had been watching on the Mainsite videos. Immediately there was an sense of community.
At the time there were two CF gyms in the St. Louis Region. Just two and none in St. Charles County. I needed a place to workout and introduce this amazing lifestyle to my friends.
I started my first CrossFit class in a park. Stefany K.(the original CFStC member), Stephanie S. and Terry E. were my first students. It was a ton of fun. By the fall we were in our first “box”space. I named our gym CrossFit St. Charles because we were the first in St. Charles County and I wanted to express that. Never did I realize that there would be so many others! It has been so exciting to watch CrossFit grow.
As a gym owner I knew that what I wanted to offer was the best of my gym experiences.

Great coaching+Strength+Conditioning+Community+Fun=CrossFit

This is what Crossfit is to me.

12/25 Closed-Merry Christmas!
12/26 Class 530a, 10a, 5pm
12/27 Bring a Friend Day 9a or 10a you choose.
12/29 In House Class v. Class competition FGB!
12/29,30,31 1/2. Kids Holiday camp

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