Test Day!  You’ll have 20 minutes to grab a barbell and determine a 1 Rep Max (using actual 1RM or calculated 1RM) on a lift of your choice.


1 Muscle Up*

5 Clean and Jerk (135/75)

2 MUs

4 Clean and Jerk (145/85)

3 MUs

3 Clean and Jerk (155/95)

4 MUs

2 Clean and Jerk (165/105)

5 MUs

1 Clean and Jerk (175/115)

* Scale Muscle Ups 2:1 with a Triplet of Pullups, Ring Dips, & Ring Rows .  For example, 2 Muscle Ups = 4 Pullups, 4 Ring Dips, 4 Ring Rows.

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