State of the Union

Lots of changes going on at CrossFit St. Charles. I won’t post all the updates at once because it will run too long and no one will read it!
So for starters lets talk about the move…or not.
As most of you know, we’ve been looking for a new bigger space to accommodate our growing membership. Getting you guys more space has been a priority for the past year. Sadly, the right building has not come along. Thanks to all those who have been giving me tips on what is out there. Keep your eyes open, you never know what might pop up. I am currently looking at all the options and will update everyone when something awesome comes along.

In the meantime, we are signing another 1 year lease with our current space. I refuse to settle and move to something less than ideal, so we’ll stick around here for a while. Gotta love the one you’re with so we’re gonna spruce up the place a bit. On Sept. 12 we will knock down a few walls (NOT the big one!) pop up a new rig and reconfigure how we use our current space. Dan Baker is the “member in charge “of Demo. If anyone wants to take a sledge hammer to a wall, I’ll let you know when Dan says its safe.
After all that we’ll paint it all up. A much needed facelift for a space that has served us so well. While it may not have everything we currently want (more floor space, another shower etc) some of my best memories have taken place at 81/83 Jason Court and I will forever be grateful for being here.

We’ll have a little more room in the gym proper and loads more room in the Annex. Yes Virginia there is a Santa and he is bringing more lifting platforms…in September! Check back tomorrow for more exciting Annex news.

Thank you all of your patience while we make improvements.

***Remember-Yoga with Sarah 10a this Friday****

***Remember iStudio Grand Opening Saturday September 12*******
Go Check out Ingrid’s new studio in the morning and then come over and knock down walls!

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