Team Athlete Spotlight 19.1-Jayne G.

Athlete spotlight: Jayne did an arguably harder version of 19.1 that included the ski erg and modified wall balls. This was Jayne’s first Crossfit Open workout, and I was blown away by her mental toughness and athletic drive. She kept a strong pace throughout only pausing to take a break once in the 15 min AMRAP. This is more than I can say for myself as I was curled over, dry heaving, and questioning all my life choices up to that point for a solid 10-15 seconds every round. Jayne inspired me to stop making excuses, stop complaining, and to push my boundaries every single day. In my humble opinion, this is exactly what the open is all about! (honorable mention: Connor Horstman for puking not once but twice after both 19.1 attempts).

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