17.Complete-What is Next?

The CrossFit Open is done. For the elite athlete it is the first leg of competitions to reach the Games. It is culmination of a year of focused training with one goal in mind… making it to regionals and then on to the CrossFit Games. These are the individuals who have practiced and become proficient in all movements. They have not worked out in months, they have trained. Their training season is over and their competition season has begun.
But or the other 99% of us, the Open serves as a formal test. It gives us an idea of where we are in this moment. Its a critical time to acknowledge skills or movements that may be weaknesses. Its a perfect time to asses our commitment to improvement and set realistic goals for the coming months. For some of us it may be dialing in nutrition, improving gymnastic or Weightlifting skills or the maddening double unders. Everyone has different goals and we all want to get better. This is the time to reflect about what the Open has done for us as individuals. I encourage all of you to explore what your personal definition of fitness is, and what new standards that definition holds for these next coming months.  Explore opportunities with our coaches, think about taking on the challenge of a personal accessory program or even individual programming.   Now is the time to start moving forward and onward, to a bigger and brighter future. Remember, every experience prepares you for the next experience.  Lets set the plan to reach your  goals. The Open made you uncomfortable, lets stay that way because that is where the magic happens!
I am so proud of my CFStC Fam and how everyone tackled the Open with intention of doing their best in each of the WODs. I am amazed at those who who chose to use the Rx’d WODs as a way to push themselves to the next level. I am proud of those who worked smart and avoided injury. The spirit that permeated the last 5 weeks are the true heart and soul of this gym and is what makes us unique.
We are CrossFit St. Charles!


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