4 Tips to Fuel for the 2022 Open

We are just 17 days away from the CrossFit Open kicking off(18 days for our Friday Night Lights at the gym 😉). The big question we have for you is if you’re fueling your body properly for it???

It’s time to let all your hard work during the year shine and perform your best in the 2022 Open! Which means that your nutrition needs to be dialed in as well. Use these 4 tips to help you fuel for the open!


1. Eat a Well Balanced Diet

We recommend using the T-plate method to eat a well-balanced diet! This means half of your plate should be vegetables while the other half is split between protein and some sort of carb/ starch. Not only can this help you properly fuel your body, but it’s one of the most simple ways to eat well without having to make things complicated with portion sizes. If you’re looking for more nutrition info, then we recommend talking with our director of nutrition, Michelle Evans! Get started with a free consultation below!

2. Sleep 8-10 Hours a Night

SLEEP IS THE ULTIMATE RECOVERY! This is when our body resets for the next day and whenever we prep for the open, sleep is vital to performing our best! The best way to ensure this is to establish a night routine, make sure to shut off electronics at least 1 hour before bedtime and limit your caffeine intake. You can try other things like journaling or reading to help yourself relax and prepare for the next day as well!


It may be tempting to try a new diet or workout routine but it’s not worth it! Changing major things like your diet or workout routine will only make things more complicated for you! Stick with the process and trust it! Now is not the time to try maxing out your bench press, beat your 1-mile run time, or switch up programming. You’ll more than likely trash your body, so don’t try anything new!

4. Hydrate!

If you’re not doing this already then NOW is the time to start! Chances are you’ve been going harder in the gym with the Open coming up. This means you need to be getting in an optimal amount of water in your body for recovery, energy, and to perform your best. Cut back on the soda and drinking and make hydration a priority for your body! This more than likely means consuming more than what you typically drink.


As we said, the Open is approaching fast and we want you ready to perform at your very best! For more fitness tips including exercise and nutrition check out our other blogs and socials!

Looking for more competition after the 2022 Open! Good news! We’re hosting our Mid Rivers Throwdown! Click the image below for more info!

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