Conquering your fears with competition

Weightlifters, Coaches and Fans
Jen and the Fearless Women of CrossFit StC!

This weekend was mighty fine. Our athletes competed in two events. Saturday we hosted a mock Weightlifting meet designed to introduce new athlete to the competitive side of the snatch and clean and jerk. Sunday, six of our fearless female athletes competed at the SuperWOD Sunday event at CrossFit St. Louis.
Once again I am blown away when our athletes compete. Putting themselves out in the open to be judged. It takes a leap of faith and a lot of courage. Its one thing to perform at your home box amongst your CrossFit Family but taking it on the road can be a bit scary. Even though our lifters were at home, standing on that lifting platform is like standing on a stage. All eyes on you waiting to see what you can do. Very unnerving. Everyone was fearless this weekend. Nervous maybe, but still fearless.
Thank you to all the athletes who worked hard this weekend and a special thanks to the fans that came out to cheer them on!
Thank you for believing in yourselves and each other.

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