February Athlete of the Month

Kristen Nedev

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I don’t know if there is much to tell.  I was born in CA, but grew up in STL.  I currently work in HR for an LA-based company.  With the change to work from home, coming to the gym is actually my time to get out and see people, so it is something I prioritize.  We are expecting our first child in June, so CrossFit is a big part of what I am doing to stay active and hopefully get myself ready for what will be coming my way!

2. What made you start CrossFit and what has kept you doing it?

Had a less than stellar doctor’s visit which was also a wake-up call that I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing and expect any changes.  Went home that afternoon and signed up for something way out of my comfort zone.  I keep coming back cause even when the workout is terrible, it’s still fun.  Not to mention being surrounded by a great group of people (yay 6:30!), it’s what I look forward to everyday.

3. Has your motivation changed since you first started?

Yes, initially it was just about losing weight, now it is more about progressing in the movements and trying to be stronger overall.

4. What have you learned since joining the CrossFit St. Charles family?

I usually do better if I stop thinking about it so much.

5. What is your favorite movement?

Laying down after the workout.

6. What impact has CF had on you outside of the gym?

Looking forward to and making sure to move everyday knowing it will only help me get better in the gym and stay healthy overall.

7. What is your next CrossFit goal and how close are you to reaching it?

I’d like to be able to do a regular pull-up, but that may be a ways away.

8. What’s something we might not know about you?

Have never broke a bone (and hopefully didn’t just jinx myself)

9. What advice might you give to someone who is considering joining CFSTC or is new to the gym?

It really is for everyone.  Scaling is your friend.

10. What is the Kristen’s motto?

Do what you can with what you got.

11. If you could write your own WOD, what would it look like?

Maybe just child’s pose or cat cows with like a minute rest in between?  Basically, a stretch session, but mobility’s important, right? 😊

12. What are two of your favorite songs?

I don’t know if I have a favorite.  Always a fan of whatever is popular, and can’t go wrong with anything by Hall & Oats.

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