Getting my workouts in can sometimes be difficult. I rarely get the luxury (yes, it is a luxury) of a coach and find it hard to work out during a class (8a girls, this does not mean you!) So when I can find someone who will dedicate themselves to a time that works best for me, I am truly grateful. I want to give a hearty “Thank you” to Stephanie Smith, Terry Eberwine and Billy Willbanks who have recently been my “crew”. To Ingrid Hurley, Chris Glover and when he is in town Jim Hurley who have no problems giving me a “push and a cue”.

Look around, one of the best things Crossfit St. Charles can offer you is coaching but the most important thing we offer is community. You’ve all made incredibly supportive friends within these walls. These are the people that keep you coming in when you don’t like the WOD or keeping you going when you are in the middle of it. Here there are a minimum of 2 people who care how well you do, your coach and your “teammate” working next to you. I would argue that in reality there are far more than just two.
Remember, you are not only receiving

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this support but are an extremely important part of giving it. Your presence in the gym is motivating someone else whether you know it or not.

This morning I was able to help Ingrid through a WOD. I wasn’t doing it with her but I went through the motions to keep her on track and motivated. I was not her coach, I was her team mate. I was her friend.

2:00 push ups,
Rest 1:00,
1:00 Pull up,
Rest 1:00,
1:00 Push up,
Rest 1:00
:30 pull up.

Partner Prowler WOD
5 Rounds each Partner
Partner A:
Push prowler halfway across the lot
10 Jumping squats
Push prowler the rest of the way
10 jumping squats
Partner B- Repeat
M- Prowler +90#

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