Congratulations to our July Athlete of the Month, Dan Baker!
Congratulations to our July Athlete of the Month, Dan Baker!


How did you find Crossfit?

I had heard of Crossfit through a few friends, but never knew much about it. There was this mystique about the whole thing where only super fit, crazy people did it. I finally reached a breaking point in the fall of 14’ where I had to do something about my increasing weight and chronic health issues. I walked into CFSTC in early November for my intro and haven’t looked back since.

Can you describe your favorite memory at CFSTC?

You have to understand that I came into with CFSTC with no athletic prowess. I quit everything I ever started when it came to working out or eating healthy…I would just revert back to old habits and nothing would change. Every time I came into CF to work out, it was like I got hit by a bus and someone set my lungs on fire. I was and am still to this day, one of the last ones to finish the WOD. Almost every day in the beginning, the entire gym and our coaches would rally around, encouraging me to keep going and finish the WOD when my mind was screaming at me to quit. This went on for months and months with what felt like little progress.

Slowly, I could begin to see small changes, a few pounds here, a little quicker there until Ben posted a WOD a few weeks ago that was strictly running and rowing. It was just another day at the gym, nothing special, but I remember thinking ‘I’m going to give everything I have in this workout just to see what happens.’ By the time it was done, I was lying on the floor in a pool of sweat, lungs burning, mind screaming to never do that again. After recovering I looked at the board and realized I had set the fastest Rx time in the gym for the day…the first time I had ever done that. This has to be my favorite memory of CF so far, not because I am the fastest or the strongest, I am surrounded by so many exceptional athletes who are so much stronger, fitter and faster than me. It is my favorite memory because I drove away from the gym that day realizing that all the days I finished last, all of the hard work, all of the discomfort, all of the pain…is worth it.

Favorite WOD?

Surf and Turf…or anything with Strict Press

Least Favorite WOD?

Filthy 50

Have a fun fact or strange talent nobody knows about?

I owned and operated a small construction company after high school to help pay for college…also ran with the bulls in Costa Rica.

If you had a superpower, what would yours be and why?

It’s not really a superpower, but I’d take photographic memory…I hate forgetting things I know I’ve already learned or been told.

When you are 80 years old, what is something you will be sure to tell your children?

You are a finite human in the hands of an infinite God…trust Him in all things.


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YOGA! Thursdays @ 6pm.
Festivus Games Oct 17th! Hosted by yours truly at CFSTC!
Check out Whats for Dinner!
We’re hosting a CrossFit Striking Course! Coming September 26th & 27th

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