How to get what you want. Part 1

What do you wish for? I’ve heard a lot of wishes both in and out of the gym.
“I wish I could lose 20 pounds”
“I wish I could find a new job”
“I wish I could do a pull up”
Wishes are useless. They are a statement of what someone  would like to be granted to them. Unless you have a generous fairy godmother, wishes do not come true.

What do you want?
“I want to lose 20 pounds”
“I want to find a new job”
“I want to do a pull up”
Want is a statement of something that is important to you. The first step to change or improvement is deciding what you want. From there you can develop a plan. You must know what you want.

What are you willing to do?
Will is a call to action. It invokes determination.
“I will lose 20 pounds”
“I will find a new job”
“I will do a pull up”

How are you speaking to yourself? Are you wishing or willing?

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