Intentional Training=Intentional Living

I am often heard saying…
“Train with intention”
To train with intention you must practice being thoughtful about what you doing and why you are doing it.
In the gym a choice is made daily, “Am I training or am I just working out?” Either way its a choice. Training is preferred but sometimes all you need is to simply work out. These times are the exception not the norm.
Here work and movement are synonymous. Training is work.
To train with intention you must be mindful of the process of the work not just the work itself.
Have you practiced the skills that you are working?
Are you giving the work your attention?
Does it have meaning to you?
Is the work you are doing beneficial to you or someone else?
And finally, and most importantly…
What are you learning?
If you do not have something to take away from your work, then what is your point?
Be aware that there is always something to learn from any session, situation or circumstance.
Don’t waste that opportunity.


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