It Ain’t No Picnic

How CFStC Began

I came home from my L1 course on fire! So excited from all that I had learned and wanted to share with everyone. By this time I already had Kickboxing and personal training certifications. Coaching was my thing and now I was passionate about the information. 

I was working at a ladies gym in Cottleville, teaching kickboxing a core class and doing some private training. 

My most famous client was Stefany Knobbe!

Ask her about “Running Cindy”. 

Soon others were interested in what we were doing. 

I found a park nearby that had a playground and a run course. I bought more bands, wallballs and a portable squat rack.

I kept a garage gym in the back of my minivan. 

We met a few times a week at 7a. The weather was shockingly good that summer

We never missed a day. 

The warm up was…

3 Rounds 

400m Run
10 pull ups
10 push ups
10 Sit ups
10 Overhead squats
10 Samson stretch

We did back squats in a parking lot and burpees on asphalt. We were creative and having a great time.

Summer came to a close and I considered packing it in for the winter, until I was told…

“You need to find an indoor space”

Uh, ok. 

Then two days later..

“I found  you an indoor space. Call this number”


Two months later I had somehow built a 600sf gym in a room on the second floor of a local gymnastic gym.

It was official. I had 3 members and absolutely no clue what I was doing.

I think it took about 4 years before I realized that I had become a business owner. 

But now I was a part of this new community. Creating friendships that have lasted since the beginning. 

 A part of growing something I believed in.

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