Jason’s transformation

“I’m a nerd with a background in healthcare.  As such, I’m skeptical of any “lose weight/be sexy/get strong “…with this one weird trick” and similar ads.  Honestly, I was quick to dismiss this program as yet another gimmick.  BUT, I trusted my Crossfit St. Charles coaches and knew that if they applied the high standards and attention to detail that they do to my workout  to a weight loss plan, I was in good hands. 

First, it’s was overwhelming to see a list of “acceptable” sources and think about changing your meal habits (and the impact to your family’s eating patterns).  Portion measurement is key.  Yes, that means weighing out your ingredients.

Second, and related to the first, is that plan establishes what you SHOULD be eating (as opposed to saying what you can’t).  This is in terms of both type of food (macro) and volume.  Here’s a hint: If you’re an athlete (be it novice or advanced) you probably aren’t eating ENOUGH – at least of the right types of food.  Adjusting to the VOLUME of QUALITY food is significant.

Third, it’s a significant adjustment to trust the plan and not only just eat “SO MUCH” (as it feels) but also to go “all in” and consume it so frequently/all day long.

I followed the plan REALLY close with minimum deviations. With a plan, the support of our Crossfit St. Charles community within our challenge group our knowledgeable staff,  and dropped 31lbs in the 3 months.

Go all in. Engage with others, even if to complain, share your struggles and celebrate progresses – both small and large.  Some days, winning is not going to bed with a chocolate bar and eating it with tears streaming down your face.  Other days, you do a dance for crushing a weight loss stall that you’ve been waiting to break through.  Crossfit St. Charles and the members in the challenge you WANT you to succeed.  Soak it up.

At the same time, you have to make it yours.  Give yourself grace.  Our coach said this over and over.  While you don’t “diet” forever, you DO need to find a way to make the changes last.  That means, among many things, to figure out how to make what you learn on RP apply to your life, your schedule, your family.  (And your cravings.)  You will eat hundreds of meals over a RP session.  A single meal isn’t going to derail your goals any more than a single meal made me what I was when I started.  Grace is key.

I have lost (and found) weight many times and many ways.  A supportive group with a solid, healthy plan was a very successful and empowering pathway for me, compared to doing it alone and being a miserable drudgery.  As skeptical as I was in RP at first, I fully believe in the power of good coaching and the RP method now.”  – Jason K

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