Meet The Coaches 2021: Jamie Wansing

Kicking things off for our second “Meet the Coaches” post is Jamie Wansing! If you’ve been with us for a LONG time, then you more than likely know Jamie along with the other Wansings including, Anne, Josh, and Joe! Read all about Jamie down below in our interview to get to know him!


1. What is your experience/ background in fitness and exercise? 

The only experience I had in exercise was working as a firefighter to increase strength for my job.

2. How and when did you discover CrossFit? 

I discovered CrossFit St. Charles when Kim was at the gymnastics gym. I had been running marathons and was advised to find something else to do. We were doing fire safety inspections and saw Kim’s card and decided to see what CF was about. My first workout was the baseline workout and yes I questioned my sanity. I also had two cheerleaders, Kim and Ingrid. I came back after that workout and have been at the gym since then. I also remember meeting Jim Hurley soon after as a group of us moved a treadmill to a new gym on Jason Ct.

3. What are you most passionate about when it comes to CrossFit? 

I do like my rowing. I love to see when mind and body come together when people learn to row. They find that rowing is not the worse thing in world and yes short people can row and kick ass doing it.

4. Why did you become a CF coach? 

I became a coach because I saw Kim’s passion for CrossFit and wanted to also share that passion with other people coming into our doors.

5. What’s a big lesson you’ve learned from being a coach? 

The biggest lesson I learned is that one approach does not fit everyone when you teach. Have to find the magic words to turn on that light bulb of mind-body connection.

6. What do you think is the most important part of being a coach? 

Being able to think outside the box to teach. Have to be like Gumby. Be flexible.

7. What’s your favorite part about being a coach? 

Seeing smiles and sweat after a fun workout. Seeing the fist bumps and people telling other members “good job”. The community at its best !!!!

8. What do you hope to do for others as a coach? 

I hope to see people working hard and also having fun in the gym. Having everyone around you doing the same workout makes it seem better some days. We all struggle sometimes to get to the gym, so having a fun community to get your “fitness on” makes it better.


If you ever get a chance to say “hi” to Coach Jamie, then make sure you do! Who knows? Maybe he can help you with your rowing! Check back in next week on Monday for another “Meet the Coaches” post!

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