Congratulation to our February Athlete of the Month, Ryan Barr!


1. How long have you been with CrossFit St. Charles?

I started last August.  I have been competing in long distance triathlons since 1999, and when I was in Idaho last June for Ironman Coeur d’Alene it turned out to be a fluke 105 degree day.  After 120 miles and 10 hours in the heat, my body had had enough.  I realized after probably 80 or so triathlon events and 13 Ironmans in the last 22 years, I needed something different in my life.  It just happened that Tim McAllister, who has been my training partner for the better part of the last 16 years started training at CFSTC with his son Brian; and my wife, Val’s, best friend, Jennifer Hopper, trained there as well.  Though I haven’t ever really lifted weights, I thought I would give it a go.

After meeting Kim, I explained I was looking to go 1 to 2 times a week, which lasted about two weeks.  It quickly went to three days a week, then to four, to now including two-a-days.

The CrossFit bug is beginning to set in.

2. Favorite part about CrossFit?

I have always enjoyed learning new things and doing my best to progress at them.  If you ever happen to ask Timmy, Jen, or Val some day, I have a “few” (they will say too many) hobbies/sports I participate in.  The past 5 months have been a vertical learning curve for me in the sport of CrossFit.  All of the coaches have been absolutely wonderful.  They have pushed me when I needed it, held me back at times for my own good, and spent extra time with me when I had something that needed work.  The other athletes have been so welcoming and friendly, and I see how easily they can become like family.  With being so new to the sport my favorite part of CrossFit is all of it.  It has become my “new” that I was looking for.
3. What is your favorite WOD?

That is a tough question, because every week the WODs are something new for me.  At first is was anything longer than 15 minutes and included running; then it became anything with just body weight such as burpees, pull ups, T2B, HSPU, etc..  Crazy thing is I have been loving Paul’s Strongman WODs, they are 2-10 minute absolute ball buster hell with kegs, stones, and sand.  So until there is a 60 minute WOD which includes all the above, it will probably keep changing.
4. Least Favorite WOD?

That is an easy one, it is a short, heavy lift, low rep EMOM.  When this WOD pops up when the 4:45 am alarm goes off, you might find me doing the snooze button EMOM.
5. What is your favorite movement to work on?
It is between two:  Paul and Ingrid working with me on muscle ups and Kim working with me on my clean, clean and jerk, and snatch.  They have all been so great to start fine tuning (rough tuning is more like it) the movements.  I would have never in a million years thought I would love doing the Olympic lifts.  Who knew?
6. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

To heal.  My father is a paraplegic and in a wheel chair from a motorcycle accident four years ago.  I absolutely despise, hate, and am scared of cancer.  My best friend died in my arms from an arrhythmia.  I think of all the pain and suffering I could stop.  On a selfish note, I am a big puss when I get the flu, and at the age of 43, I would have much faster recoveries after my WODS.
7. Have any resolutions you would like to share with everyone?

Sure.  Though it doesn’t have to do with CrossFit, the resolution did partially generate from one morning in the gym.  I have always been the one absorbing information from others, whether it be to fix things, be a better person, athlete, student, employee, boss etc.  I am a crappy teacher, and my resolution is to be a better teacher (or at least start teaching).  One morning after the 5:30 am class, I was with Paul and Ingrid and I said I wanted to get a muscle up.  They said ok and spent the next 30-40 minutes with me.  Though Paul started with technique, it ended up with Ingrid yelling at me with “Get your monkey ass up there!” There were probably a few expletives from Ingrid in there as well.  Next thing you know the two had me doing muscle-ups.  I will never forget that morning, the ease in which the stopped whatever they had on their agenda that morning to work with me, and the excitement and joy they had when I accomplished what they were teaching me.

I started my own construction firm a year ago and as we bring in new young engineers, they need the teacher that I had when I was their age.  I have always been envious of teachers, and their abilities, as it was a trait that was not in my blood.  So my resolution is to strive to be a better teacher to my kids, employees, and maybe one day to a new CrossFitter, if I could ever get the damn hitch out of my cleans (but I think Kim has a tough challenge with that one).


Heavy Day

Back Squat, Establish a 2-rep max



Complete as many reps possible in 2 minutes of:
Manmaker, you choose weight

Rest 1 minute, then repeat

Post loads and total reps to Train Heroic


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