I’ve heard it so many times…

I exercise so that I can eat!

But consider this.

We don’t drive our cars just so we can go to the gas station. We fill up our tanks so that we can drive places and do things.

Your nutrition is the same way. It is not something that is meant to keep us hostage, its simply a fill-up that fuels our activities.

The better the fuel the smoother the engine.

Crappy gasoline can muck up the lines, cause stalls and potential breakdowns.

Likewise a diet that does not supply what a body needs can cause sluggishness, poor performance and potential diet related diseases.

The key is to change our mindset about how we fuel our lives.

We do not exist to lose weight.
We exist to live

Change your mindset.
Eat to live instead of eating to lose weight.

You can achieve great weight loss goals by choosing ANY diet found on the internet.

All it takes is commitment and consistency.

But are these internet diets sustainable?
What happens when they “end”?
What happens when you go on vacation?
What happens when your weight loss partner quits?

Sustainability is the key. Unless you are a top athlete, you should not have to travel with your food. Fueling yourself should not be difficult.

It starts with changing your mindset.

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