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Gratitude Gains

You guys know I love coaching fitness. I want each member to become stronger, faster, and across the board… more fit. However, I also want each of our members to improve their lives outside the box. I recently had a conversation with a member of our gym about the power of positive thinking and wanted to share the concept of our conversation. As well as couple of different tactics to use inside and outside of the gym to improve your performance inside and outside the gym.

Gains. We love gains. Strength gains, speed gains, balance gains, coordination gains…It’s simple, you’re a crossfitter and love gains. There is one type of “gains” we don’t always train directly, and that friends would be…GRATITUDE GAINS. We all know what gratitude feels like… It feels awesome, like the stars are lining up for you & you seem to have better luck.  You notice the abundance of your life more. We want to feel that way all the time. Here is the important realization one has to make though…Gratitude is not a feeling…It is a muscle. Like all muscles, we must train and work it, if not it will weaken and atrophy out.

Here are couple tactics I use daily to get my Gratitude Gains that I suggest you do as well.

  1. Each morning, while in the shower, laying in bed, or eating breakfast, whenever you have a moment to yourself and your thoughts before you’ve began your train of thoughts the day will bring…Think about 1-2 people who helped you the day before. This starts the day off on the right track…with gratitude. You will feel energized, like the world is presenting opportunities for you left and right. Today I thanked my little brother for surprising me with a meal from Crazy Bowls and Wraps when I got home from the gym. He knows I’m at the gym late on these nights and I didn’t have to cook, which I’m always grateful for. I also thought of Julie and thanked her for helping me with ideas for upcoming events, like our CFSTC End of Summer party… (Btw, were having one of those J details TBA next week.)

It doesn’t have to be a task that they helped you with, maybe they helped remind you of something. Whichever it is, start your day off right with a thought of that action.

  1. Take all your “have to’s” and turn them into “get to’s.”  Instead of saying “I have to go to work today,” or  “I have to go shopping with the wife,” or “I have to go to the gym today” say, “I GET TO…” How many people are going through the stress of not earning a paycheck? How many people out there have lost a significant other and would love to spend an afternoon with them again? How many people out there get to workout at one of the best gyms in the world, with some of the best coaches and most amazing people in the world? 🙂

Perception is everything. Be aware of and recognize the good fortune, abundance, and opportunities you have, they’re there if you look. Now go have an awesome Thursday and get your gratitude gains on! – Coach Ben


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