Trainers Tip Thursday: Thruster Warm Up

Thrusters…you either love em or hate em! Personally I’m a fan and I attribute a lot of that to mobility. Flexibility in the ankles, wrists, triceps and lats can make drastic differences to your ability to move well during Thrusters.

The ankles are huge difference makers in the ability to stay upright in the front squat.

Your wrists, triceps, lays and T-spine determine how high and stable your front rack will be.

Practice these mobility drills before your next thruster workout and dominate!

1. T-spine Extension + Smashing on Foam Roller

2. Lat Smash on Kettlebell

3. Tricep Smash on Kettlebell

4. Calf Smash on Kettlebell

5. Ankle Stretches

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