The Girls. When you first meet them you never forget them.

Fran is a four letter F word. (Try it, you’ll see) Fran is like an angry goddess who is offended by those who dare to complete her. Fran WANTS you to put the bar down.
Angie and Barbara are evil sisters that make you question your motives. When you think “FRAN! Why am I doing all these reps?” Angie just shrugs and says “Its only 100 pull ups” and Barbara says “You don’t have to do them all in a row!”
Karen was the originator of the phrase, “Thank you ma’am, can I have another?”
Lets not even talk about Linda and her “three bars of death!”
And then there is Helen.
Helen wants you to succeed. She is rooting for you every step of the way. “Don’t Stop” she says in your ear and “Breathe”. Helen wants you to work hard and get a PR but she’s not going to beat you down with a barbell to get there. She chooses a reasonable kettle bell weight and a reasonable distance to challenge you and make you more fit. Helen is like your favorite aunt cheering you on.
Now that you’ve met Helen, treat her like a friend  and she will never do you wrong.

I wonder what Diane will bring…

Warm up

Skill Review
Position 2 Snatch

OLY work
EMOM 5 mins
Position 2 Snatch
3 Reps

Skill Review
HSPU subs (no stack of mats under the head)
1)Banded HSPU
2)Box Elevated HSPU
3)Parrellette push ups
4) Push Ups

Dead lifts (225/185)

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