Such a great night last night as test week continues. I got to witness a significant amount of hard work. Most notable to me was Keith and Debi P. They’ve both been out for the Holidays and they came back last night to kill their total! Both PR’d their squats with form that has shown a lot of improvement and very hard work. I am so proud of them both!

Test Week Continues…
If you haven’t done A,B or C from Yesterday. Get it done.
If you have…
Maybe you should have taken a day off!

If not, then do this…

Max Effort Wall Ball – Test is to be performed as one unbroken set.  Resting of any kind is NOT permitted.  Dropping the ball on the ground is NOT permitted.  The test is performed by keeping a steady pace.  Any reps where the ball does not hit the target do not count, however missed target reps are not considered “Breaking” the set, so simply discount the missed rep and continue your capacity test.

Record Score: Medicine Ball Weight / Number of reps i.e. 10#/51

Rest 5 Minutes

Max Effort Plank– The plank is held on the forearms and begins when the knees extend fully from the ground. The back must not sway. The Athlete will have one warning. If the athlete cannot effectively fix the fault then the set ends.
Record Score: Time

Monday-Friday-Test Week
Second Sunday-“My Paleo Life” with Amy Reosslein
Jan 31- Mock Olympic Weightlifting Meet

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