“What would you do if you couldn’t fail?”


“What would you do if you couldn’t fail?”

This is a very inspiring quote. Basically it says, “Don’t let fear stop you”

But why would you never want to fail?
Without failure there are no victories. It is what happens when you push yourself past your limits of competency. This is the the place where adaptation begins. We must acknowledge our failures and learn from them. Through failure we gain experience that forces us to work harder. Awareness and hard work is what is vital to progress.

If you plan to pick up heavy weight, you must be prepared to drop heavy weight.
This is true for life as well as training.
When we test our limits and succeed, we find out what we are capable of. These are the life victories or PR’s that nourish us.
When we reach beyond or limits we find out what we’re made of.
These are the failures that fuel us.

Don’t let fear stop you.

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