Why You Should Crush The Can And Quit Soda

Do you call it Soda or Pop? Doesn’t matter you should stop drinking it! We have all heard it by now. Soda is bad for you. However, it still holds a strong grip on to the lives of so many. We get it, its a sweet treat, you get a nice jolt of energy, and the fizzy sensation is just what you need to get you through the day. It may be nice in the moment, but the longer you feed the addiction, the worse the effects are and the harder it is to shake.

Maybe you have one a day, maybe you drink multiple 32oz fountain drinks daily. Either way, here are a few reasons why you should be quitting soda and we are not just worried about a little tooth decay here.

  1. It. Is. Loaded. With. SUGAR!
    Alright, so this can lead to some tooth decay. However, CrossFit calls for one to consume meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO sugar. The sugar refers to added sugars, not naturally occurring ones.  Sugar is just as addictive as some intense drugs. Did you know that sugar causes similar brain activity to cocaine? It is also just as, if not more addictive.Also ingesting large amounts of sugar for long periods of time can lead to hyperinsulinemia, which is associated to hypertension, obesity, and glucose intolerance and plenty of other chronic diseases. Avoid the issues down the road that are associated with ingesting large amounts of sugar in your beverages (and in general).
  2. Serious About Health and Fitness? Not If Soda Is Normal.
    You really can’t mix toxic beverages with health and fitness just the same way we can’t mix smoking cigarettes with health and fitness. Sure you can do it, but it is 100% counter productive to the goals you are working towards. Soda offers zero nutritional value, and actually dehydrates the body. Consumed in the right amount for long enough, it can lead to chronic dehydration! Don’t take one step forward and two steps back!
  3.  Other Ingredients…Some Have The Word “Acid” In Them. No Big Deal.
    Most sodas contain Phosphoric Acid which can interfere with calcium absorption and effect the health of our bones as well as digestion and absorption of nutrients. Also in diet sodas, Aspartame is commonly used as a replacement for sugar and is just as bad. It has been linked to a plethora of health issues including: diabetes, brain tumors, and seizures.

Quitting something cold turkey rarely works if you are highly addicted. If you have the will power, by all means, if not though try these alternatives to soda to wind you off:

  1. Club Soda flavored with some freshly squeezed fruit
  2. Fit Aid or Kill Cliff drinks

The bottom line is that in moderation, most things are ok. We just have to be as careful as possible with the addictive and toxic things. If you have 1 soda a month when you go out to eat, you’re fine. If its a daily habit, you are better off without it. Don’t even allow yourself the temptation.

These are really just a couple of bullet points to why you should quit drinking soda, but there is also another reason. Big Soda and CrossFit HQ are actually in a legal battle at the moment. Check back next Wednesday when we talk about the founder of Crossfit, Greg Glassman, and his battle with big soda!

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