YOGA for your winter blues!

Winter is feeling LONG.
We know it can be hard to stay upbeat and peaceful when the sun isn’t shining.
🌨️ ☹️ 🌨
Sometimes coming in to do a WOD gives you a burst of energy you need, but what can be doubly effective if you struggle to keep your energy up and your mood positive in the winter:
 It lifts your mind and body!
While we know how great yoga makes the body feel, it also teaches you about the workings of your mind and feelings. In particular, you learn how to handle dark feelings that might otherwise overwhelm you. The kind that rise up when the days are long and cloudy.
Learning to witness your feelings without getting wrapped up in negativity is a big part of yoga!
Come in! Take Yoga with Meghan at 9:15 and see how much better your mind and your body can feel!
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