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3 Tips to Improve your Squat

Activate those feet Your weight should be distributed evenly throughout the entire foot.  Feel your feet as if you are rooted in the ground. Keep your big toe down. It is an important part of your overall balance and helps with hamstring engagement. Apply pressure

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How I Met Your Coach…

Most of the coaches at CFSTC started as members. Each with very different stories on how they began thier journey. This is Ryan Barr’s story! Thanks to my friend Tim (The Puma), 5 years ago today, I was lucky enough to walk into CrossFit St.

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10 Hand Stand Tips

1. Hand placement 1-1.5′ off the wall 2. Lead foot forward 3. Reach up to the sky with locked arms pressed to the ceiling. 4. Tip all body weight over onto the hands with straight legs 5. Hollow position- squeezing abs tight 6. Kick up

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Our Mission

 Regardless of who you are, where you’re from or what you look like, we are dedicated to providing the tools and accountability for living a healthy lifestyle.  At CFStC, we are an inclusive gym that is built around an atmosphere of hard work, encouragement and

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Counting your barbell is way too hard

Its all money! I think we could all agree that counting up a barbell can be tedious.  You’re loading your barbell, staring at it, counting on your fingers (and toes), counting again, adding, subtracting, questioning your higher education, looking around for an calculator, calling over

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The First Days

A guest post by Jenn Hogan          Kim recently asked us to think back about our first workout at Crossfit St. Charles.  For me, that question brought on a plethora of emotions and memories.  The first time I walked into the doors of Crossfit St. Charles will always

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Athlete of the Month-Dileep!

Dileep was nominated as Athlete of the Month by his coaches. He has the Athlete Trifecta-Hard working, Consistent, Coachable. Plus, he has been such a positive addition to our CFStC family 1.    Tell us a little bit about yourself I am Dileep. I graduated from Missouri

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The First St. Louis Affiliate Cup

We quickly outgrew that space over the gymnastic studio and found ourselves at Jason Court where we would spend the next 11 years.   We spend a lot of time with the folks at CF Valley Park and CFTNT. There weren’t a lot of CrossFitters

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“How I met your Coach…”

Back in the days of the gymnastic studio, I taught the single morning class while Justin did the evening class. We had only two classes. I didn’t spend much time at the gym in the evening but occasionally I’d pop in to see what was

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A Cup for A Cause

We are proud to announce that we are now offering … Brew For Impact Whole Bean Coffee.  Proceeds from the sales of this coffee goes to Brace For Impact 46, an organization founded by MLB Pitcher Kyle McClellan and his wife Bridget.  Brace For Impact 46

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